The challenge

The General Lighting market is undergoing drastic restructuring. Light bulbs are forbidden and were completely removed from the store shelves in EU by 2012 due to energy inefficiency.

Compact fluorescents, the so-called “low energy” lamp and fluorescent light tubes offer suitable alternatives in terms of energy efficiency but all contain mercury, which is a significant environmental hazard and harsher regulations are on the way.

LEDs, although a promising “green” alternative, have not delivered on their promise. Poor quality of white light, in combination with high price, has kept these devices from getting any significant penetration of the general lighting market.

The market is craving for an affordable and sustainable light source giving high quality of white light!

Ecospark’s focus

Ecospark works with new technology to developing large area LED lighting products. Ecospark’s approach is based on the semiconductor material zinc oxide (ZnO) in combination with advanced nanotechnology, in the form of nanowires to create large area LED panels to a fraction of todays cost. The novel LED structure paves the way to a new generation of lighting sources that can attain very high quality of white light, better performance in term of efficiency and intensity and larger flexibility. Furthermore, the combination of Ecospark’s proprietary LED structure and low temperature manufacturing method enables production in large scale at a fraction of the cost of conventional LEDs.

The proprietary ZnO nanowire technology that is developed by Ecospark also has application in several other major industries like solar cells, opto industry, life sciences and bioscience.

The addressable market for Ecosparks planar LED-panels is estimated to €5 billion by the year 2020.